Enhancement of Rate Deposition and Structural Properties of Cadmium Iodide Deposited in External Magnetic Field


Cadmium iodide thick films (1.05x10-4 to 6.17x10-3 cm) were deposited by solution deposition method at room temperature. The investigation were taken at different conditions: CdI2 concentration (0.0085, 0.017, 0.034, and 0.043 mole/liter), deposition time (4.5, 9.25, 18.5, and 23.5 hours), magnetic field intensity (1.52, 2.94, and 4.5 mT), and its direction (normal and parallel to substrate). The thickness and structural properties were investigated with and without external magnetic field, rate deposition shows enhancement by using normal magnetic field. The CdI2 thick films show good c-axis alignment normal to substrate plane, and their structural properties were improved by deposition in magnetic field, and XRD data was in agreement with ASTM. Thick layer of CdI2 shows (B-H) behavior, has paramagnetic properties, and its relative permeability ( =1.45233). It is found that applying magnetic field for 3 hours has better effect than increasing the concentration to 6 times