Manifestations of generative path (demo) to the aesthetic taste of the building for Iraqi filmmakers


Man could and since ancient times that practiced the art sense and purity natural as it feels instinct driven to create things willingly, and that imperfect, it is satisfying sense of humanitarian components of ego different Valambda supposed to kind of taste for each work submitted and taste caused by the thrill falls within what is known as (Horizon expectationthe) horizon Dattentente and which in turn determines the quality of the production work and the quality of reception Accordingly renewed taste of the recipient.Valmtgay can find Tdhuqa and acknowledges the beauty of working through consensus visions from which the work of art with the vision of the receiver that does not shift without hearing it. And on this basis to be worked various races of beauty acceptable in principle, provided that the girls letters with homogeneous units and employed for this purpose.


Humanities, Arts, Theater