The internal structure of Hashemite city


Researchers interested in and Geographic of the cities to study the city as a human phenomenon different from the rest of the phenomena in terms of geographic and functional components Urban contained and that came as a result of a series of cultural and technical developments experienced by urban communities.       As the city has represented over the centuries a center for heavy agglomeration interact with the environment to produce functional models attracted numbers of workers to meet the requirements of the beneficiaries from inside and outside the city. So it became necessary to identify the uses of the land and the functions that evolved in the city to give the result of the city to install its own internal, spin research problem by asking the following (what the nature of the internal structure of the city of the Hashemite?) Suppose research show that use residential occupied space biggest among other uses as the commercial use of focus in the old area (neighborhood uprising), while focusing industrial use, especially plant starch, dextrin and lab snow on the outskirts of the city, and the research aims to demonstrate the reality of the geographical distribution of land uses in the city of Jordan, which was reflected in turn create texture urban particular in terms of the distribution and characteristics.