Flat seals from the Al-welayia hill site in the of the Iraqi Museum


archaeological excavations Revealed at the site of Al-welayia hill site, carried out by the General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage, starting in 1999 until 2002, as many archaeological finds job, dating back to the eras of different historical, and was among those finds seals flat on topics technicaldifferent.In this paper we dealt with the study of four seals flat unpublished dating back to the era of Jimdaa Nasr (3000 - 2900 BC)., As the focus of this research on the technology industry, and their style and advantages of art, as well as describe and analyze and determine its time, has already been described and analyzed seals mention No. each seal in the Iraqi Museum, number in the fossil record things that belong to the Exploration mission , and where to find them and measurements, as well as the material used in the industry and color, has the right to search images of seals and editions on clay pieces.