Historical in the Iraqi theater fashion


literary studies and contemporary art Popularized in, especially theater, including the use of the concepts of cash and employ conceptual in analyzing texts - theatrical performances, and the possibility of their applications and take advantage of as an approach to research critically analytical, approach use for those in the fields of literature, art and beauty, and these terms - placed search - (historical)a term cash effectively, took a researcher from the meaning conventional approach Qraúaa new element analysis assumed a position in the theatrical performances of contemporary and Theatre Studies modern, namely (costume drama), and can be played by the function of multiplicity Almanaúa and reading constant him - process Almanaúah - in widthone in every watch from multiple views him through the integration and overlaps and the transfer of ideas and living in historical deep eras historic in immediate foot of living (here - now), achieving the concept (outfit Tarikhanyh) in the theater.


Humanities, Arts, Theater