Study The Effect of Soluble Beta Glucan of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on Protein Concentration of Human Circulating Blood Lymphocytes


This study was designed to detection the effect of the soluble beta glucan (ß-glucan) local and commercial extracts (LE , CE) of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae on protein concentration of human circulating blood lymphocytes at the concentrations (5 , 50 , 500 , 1000 ) µg/ml .The results showed significant differences increase on protein content at the level (P<0.05) for both effect of beta glucan Local extract , Commercial extract , and the best effect on protein lymphocytes concentration demonstrated at the highest concentration of the LE and CE .The four concentrations of β-glucan (5 , 50 , 500 and 1000 µg/ml) caused significant differences (p < 0.05) in protein content of lymphocytes secretion that treated with Local and Commercial extracts which represented (45.90, 63.18, 83.2, and 184.1)µg/ml and (32.27 , 50.45 , 79.54, 164.1) µg/ml respectively , as a compared to their control negative and control positive (58.63 ; 110.45) respectively µg/ml . While the values of both treatment at concentration (5,50,500)µg/ml is lower than control group that treated with (PHA) was represented (110.45) µg/ml . The concentrations 1000 µg/ml of LE, CE have best effect on protein concentration of lymphocytes secretion when compared with the control groups .