Accounting Use of Benchmarking by Adoption the Financial Ratios and Balanced Scorecards as Tools in Evaluating the Banks Financial Performance: Applied Study in Mosul Bank for Development and Investment for 2003-2006


The process of evaluating the financial performance of basic step and the key in the control of banks, and at the same time safety valve to stay and continue to market competition, and derives management, including plans and processors corrective future, and as the financial performance of economic units in general and banks in particular, determine the extent of growth and excellence in it. Thus, the measure will make it easier to identify the strengths and weaknesses, and management to take corrective action on that. It can be the measurement process of this adoption of the financial ratios of actual and compare them with the financial ratios of absolute, or with financial ratios for banks outstanding in the same sector, or even the same bank but different years, as can be done on this process using the Balanced Scorecard, as they provided measurements financial and non financial comprehensive for most aspects of performance in the banks, the two (financial ratios and the Balanced Scorecard) can be a tool to Benchmarking depends on them in the evaluation according to year based on specific, compared with banks distinct (competitor superior).