Testing Arrangement Intelligent Phases of leaderships Quality Using Ravens Method: As Applied in Government Hospital in Mousl City


Intelligence ascribed with the manager may pass with several periods that can enable to lead the human, material, data resources as well as the time allowed, the beneficiary in different cases and marketing decision in hospitals.Any fault or damage may negatively affect other elements toward declination. The current study aims to present a hypothetical model to the period that the hospital manager is supposed to pass; in order to be qualified and achieve business intelligence. The current study also suggests to focus that intelligence has period almost in hospital management. This can constitute a new trend in management, in addition to make a model to enable the management leaders to help to know the properties of business intelligence and the perquisites of achieving decision- marketing procession hospitals management. The study seeks to answer the head quarries: - Is it possible to manage the hospital using a model of intelligence analysis?The study concluded that intelligence in management is immutable by current management to the x management. The degree of imitation depends on the success of decision managers in work, the level of management or middle east.The current study used June Ravens that may specify the rank passed by every manager in intelligence ranks as multiple choice questions and specify the degree of intelligence ranking of manager.