Effect of Spraying Org-306 on Growth and Yield of Three Potato cultivars


This trial was conducted in spring and fall seasons of 2009 in mixed soil on the right and bank of Euphrates in Ramadi to study the response of three potato cultivars (Borin, Luzita and Orla)to spray with the organic neutrient Org-306 at concentration 2.5 ml/L. There were three treatments (no spray ,single spray and double sprays ).Studied factors (3 treatments *3 cultivars) was distributed as completely randomized block design in split plot arrangement with three replicates .Result showed a significant superiority of Borin in each of tuber weight 72.1 and 176.5 g, marketable yield 27.5 and 28.1 tons.ha-1 ,total yield 29.9 and 30.3 tons.ha-1 nitrogen percent in leaves 2.7 and 2.5%and in tubers 1.9and 2.1% protein percent 11.9 and 13.4% for the two seasons respectively .Also , this cultivar had the heighest marketable tubers numbers (11.8 tubers/plant) in spring seasons.Single spray with Org-306 significantly affected in total yield 24.3 and 28.8 tons.ha-1 and marketable yield 21.8 and 27.1 tons.ha-1 for the two seasons , respectively .whereas the double sprays led to increase N percent in leaves to 2.7% for spring season compared with no spray treatment .Interaction between factors had a significant effect on total yield for single spray and Borin cultivar (34 tons.ha-1) and N percent in leaves for double sprays and Borin cultivar (3.1%)in spring season only . Interaction also elevate N and protein percents for double sprays and Borin cultivar (2.1 and 12.9 %) in spring season and no spray treatment and Luzita cultivar (2.6 and 14.9%) for the two traits , respectively in fall season