Electrical Properties of Oxidized Porous Silicon


In this research, we studying the effect of rapid thermal oxidation treatment on the electrical and conduction mechanism properties for porous silicon prepared by photo electrochemical etching by using diode laser has 810nm wavelength with power 2W. Oxidation process occurs by using tungsten halogen lamp with power 1000W. Dark I-V characteristics of Al/ PS/ Si/ Al structure shows a behavior of PS/n-Si isotype heterojunction for fresh device and a MIS (metal-insulator-semiconductor) for device after oxidation due to contribution of Al/PS schottky barrier after oxidation process. After investigated current–voltage (J-V) measurement, we found increase in barrier height and rectification ratio with increasing oxidation time, the barrier height changed (0.65 to0.72 eV), rectification ratio was varied from (4 to 22). The resistivity and saturation current density will be decreased after oxidation process where the reasistivity was decreased from ((98 to 65 Ω.cm), saturation current density was decreased from (1.2 to 0. 06 µA/cm2).