Effect of Vertical Partition on Natural Convection Flow


In this paper a numerical study for the natural convection in an enclosure withadjacent single wall using vertical adiabatic partition attached to bottom wall. The verticalwalls of the enclosure are isothermal while the bottom and top horizontal walls areinsulated. The temperature of the left vertical wall is higher than the temperature of theright vertical wall. The study included a change in the inclination of the cold wall of(f=15°, 30° and 45°), Rayleigh number of (Ra=103 to 105), length of partition of (YP= 0.2,0.3 and 0.4) and location of partition of (XP=0.25 and 0.5). A finite difference method wasapplied to solve the governing equations using Gauss-siedel iterative technique. Results forthe mean Nusselt number, and contour maps of the streamlines and isotherms line arepresented. It has been found that Nusselt number increases with an increase in Rayleighnumber, inclination of cold wall with percentage of (10-16%) and location of partition withpercentage of (3-14%) while decreases with increasing in partition length with percentageof (5.4-7%).