A new design of Reticle with multi-patterns RMP


In this paper, it has been a new design of Reticle with multi-patterns RMP to detect the laser signals that emitting from targets. The RMP is design using Auto CAD program, which consists of four patterns, each Pattern consists of twenty sectors, ten sectors are opaque and the other ten sectors are transparent for the laser. The number of sectors depends on several factors as chopping frequency of RMP, cutoff frequency of spot laser and modulation transfer function. All results obtained by design a special program named a “Reticle with Multi-Patterns RMP” which contains many parameters. To explain the impact of changing spot size of laser (As a result of the approaching target), we will change the radius of spot size between (0.1 to 0.6) cm, and then evaluate the best value of MTF which obtained when radius of spot size laser is equal 0.6 cm.