Construction of a General-Purpose Infrastructure for Rfid – Based Applications


The aim of advancements in technologies is to increase scientific development and get the overall human satisfaction and comfortability. One of the active research area in recent years that addresses the above mentioned issues, is the integration of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into network-based systems. Even though, RFID is considered as a promising technology, it has some bleeding points. This paper identifies seven intertwined deficiencies, namely: remote setting, scalability, power saving, remote and concurrent tracking, reusability, automation, and continuity in work. This paper proposes the construction of a general purpose infrastructure for RFID-based applications (IRFID) to tackle these deficiencies. Finally, the proposed IRFID is compared against eight existing systems. As a result, IRFID can be considered as a prototype for the futuristic with flexibility and generality in a wide-range of automation and development areas.