Japan's Attitude of the Brest Litovisck Convention in 3rd of March 1918


The Declaration of Tsarist Russia withdraw from World War I, and put this declaration into practice during the first weeks of the start of the October Revolution Bolshevik , has created an international position difficult for the Allies, which required intervention of the Allies in Russia, Bolshevism, intervention by Japanese troops in Siberia east-facing coasts of Japan and neighboring spheres of influence to the Japanese in Southeast Asia in China and Korea, and the Japanese government announced the goal is to establish peace, but a reason goes back to the real desire of the Japanese government in control of the Far East and the liquidation of the European presence in the region.Was the position of the United States of America and the internal situation critical role in curbing the Japanese politicians who tried to impose their control and influence the political and economic in Southeast Asia and China, and then in Eastern Siberia