The impact of the proposed training curriculum according some Bio-Kinematic variables to develop accurate correction of jumping handball


The Bio-Kinematic with it’s two parts (Kinematic & Kinetic) considered of the basic sciences that works on developing sporting activities, either through analysis or evaluation for being a world leader in the development of performance skills, especially if the building training programs process grown according to the bio-kinematic standards. The researcher so noted that basic skills is a correction skill because all skills become useless if the team members are not professional with this skill. Through the researcher’s field awareness for being a former player and teacher for the time being, he found that research works to build a training program according to bio-kinematic variables were few, therefore the researcher saw a necessity to develop accurate correction of jumping with handball by placing a proposed training program so that with this skill we can reach a correct combination and stability stages, , and this is confirmed by the bio-kinematic through the studying the player’s dynamic skill transformation process, and cruise in the movement of the player and putting appropriate solutions. The aim of the research is to prepare a training curriculum proposal according to some bio-kinematic variables to develop accurate correction of jumping with handball, and being aware about the impact of the proposed approach according to some bio-kinematic variables to develop accurate correction of jumping handball. While the null thesis stated the existence of significant l differences statically previously and in advance for the research sample and the experimental group benefit. The spatial domain in outer handball stadium in the College of Sports Education / University of Diyala and the temporal domain since 23/1/2011 until 14/2/2011 , the students sample were from the fourth stage of the academic year 2011 – 2012, after implementing research field procedures and methodology by the researcher and conducting the statistical treatments he concluded several points as follows: 1 – For the proposed training program which was implemented a significant effect on the accuracy of scoring and time of foot contact with the ground. 2 - All results achieved notable development although it was not a significant difference.