Dynamic Analysis of Simply Supported Box Girder Bridges with Intermediate Diaphragm Using Higher Order Finite Strip


In The present work the method of Higher Order Finite Strip, based on Auxiliary Nodular Line (ANL) technique, was utilized to analyze the forced vibration of the Simply Supported Box Girder Bridges with cross intermediate diaphragms, Also to find out the dynamic response under moving vehicles loads by means of Newmark's method which falls within the Implicit Time Integration methods. The Bridge Mass Matrix and the Consistent Mass Matrix was used for both bending and in plane actions. While the Guyan Reduction method was used for reducing the Bridge System Matrix through omitting the Freedom Degrees belonging to the Auxiliary Nodular Line for both bending and in plane actions, In order to enable the Higher Order Finite Strip method for analyzing the box girder with cross intermediate diaphragms. vehicle model were used in the analysis is the Moving Force (MF) where the vehicle represents a no. of moving force with a value equal to the weight of the vehicle wheel.