Local Search Heuristic for Single Machine Scheduling with Batching to Minimize the Multi Objective Function


Many sequencing problems have a combinational nature and they are very difficult to solve to optimality within acceptable computation times. When a near optimal solution is acceptable, it is appropriate to use heuristic methods. We consider the problem of scheduling jobs on a single machine to minimize the multiple objective function, the sum of completion time and maximum tardiness. The jobs partitioned into families, and a set-up time is necessary for scheduling the first job and when there is a switch in processing jobs from one family to jobs of another family. In this research we modify and apply some known heuristic methods on our problem. We also propose a new heuristic method called combining sub-batches heuristic method (CSHM) and the results obtained by this method are compared with the previous methods, it seems that the performance of CSHM is the best.