Some new Schiff Base Complexes of copper (II) and Their Biological Screening


Homodinuclear complexes of Cu(II) metal ions with three Schiff base ligands have been prepared andcharacterized.Theligandsare:dibenzoinlidenemalonoyldihydrazide(BMDH4),dibenzoinlidenesuccinyldihydrazide(BSDH4)and dibenzoinlidene phthaloyldihydrazide (BPDH4) which are obtained by the reaction of malonoyldihy drazide,succinyl dihydrazide and phthalolyldihydrazide with benzoin in mole ratio1:2 The preparation of the complexes was carried out in both neutral and basic media and have been characterized by different phys- icochemically and they found to formulas[Cu2(LH4)2]X4 in neutral medium and [Cu2L2]in basic medium, respectively. Octahededral structure has been suggested for all the hexacoordinated complexes Furthermore thecomplexes have been found to be biologically active as demonstrated by antibacterial screening against four human pathogenic bacterial stains. It has been found that the complexes were more effective agent than the ligands (where X= Cl-,NO3- ).