Region-Based Fractional Wavelet Transform Using Post Processing Artifact Reduction


Wavelet-based algorithms are increasingly used in the source coding of remote sensing, satellite and other geospatial imagery. At the same time, wavelet-based coding applications are also increased in robust communication and network transmission of images. Although wireless multimedia sensors are widely used to deliver multimedia content due to the availability of inexpensive CMOS cameras, their computational and memory resources are still typically very limited. It is known that allowing a low-cost camera sensor node with limited RAM size to perform a multi-level wavelet transform, will in return limit the size of the acquired image. Recently, fractional wavelet filter technique became an interesting solution to reduce communication energy and wireless bandwidth, for resource-constrained devices (e.g. digital cameras). The reduction in the required memory in these fractional wavelet transforms is achieved at the expense of the image quality. In this paper, an adaptive fractional artifacts reduction approach is proposed for efficient filtering operations according to the desired compromise between the effectiveness of artifact reduction and algorithm simplicity using some local image features to reduce boundaries artifacts caused by fractional wavelet. Applying such technique on different types of images with different sizes using CDF 9/7 wavelet filters results in a good performance.