Formulation of Tinidazole as an Oral Suspension Dosage Form


Abstract:Tinidazole is an effective drug for the treatment of amoebiasis, giardiasis andanaerobic bacterial infections, it has a long half-life and it is practically insoluble in waterthus it is suitable for suspension dosage form.This study was carried out to prepare an acceptable suspension through studying theeffect of different types and concentrations of suspending agent such as sodium carboxyethylcellulose, xanthan gum, sodium alginate and avecil (RC 591).The effect of these suspending agents was studied in 0.1N HCL and at 37°C. Theobtained results were utilized to formulate different suspensions. The release rate,sedmintation volume and resuspendability were evaluated for these formulas.The formula which gave best release and optimum sedimentation volume was chosenas the best formula.The result showed that the release rate of the drug was dependent on the type andconcentration of suspending agent. The best one was that containing 0.5%, xanthan gum as asuspending agent.The rheology and expiration date were evaluated for this formula. The expiration dateof the prepared suspension was about 2.2 years. The suspension of tinidazole was alsoextemporaneously prepared from Fasigyn® tablets. The prepared extemporaneous suspensionshould be used within 7 days after preparation.Keywords: tinidazole, suspension, flocculation, suspending agents