Pressure Control of Electro-Hydraulic Servovalve and Transmission Line Effect


The effected of the long transmission line (TL) between the actuator and the hydraulic control valve sometimes essentials. The study is concerned with modeling the TL which carries the oil from the electro-hydraulic servovalve to the actuator. The pressure value inside the TL has been controlled by the electro-hydraulic servovalve as a voltage supplied to the servovalve amplifier. The flow rate through the TL has been simulated by using the lumped π element electrical analogy method for laminar flow. The control voltage supplied to servovalve can be achieved by the direct using of the voltage function generator or indirect C++ program connected to the DAP-view program built in the DAP-card data acquisition connected to PC, to control the value of pressure in a selected point in the TL. It has been found that the relation between the voltage value and the output flow rate from the servovalve in most of the path is a linear relation. The MATLAB m-File program is used to create a representation state of the mathematical model to find a good simulation for the experimental open loop control test.