Measure the impact of the age structure of the population on the gross domestic product in Iraq


The research aims to identify the effect of age structure of the population on GDP in Iraq and determine the age groups of children and any of the producers wham are of working age and the elderly of the importance for the purposes of economic planning. Proportion of the age group (0 - 4)Years approached the fifth of Iraq's population reaching Year2007. (17%)Iraq's population young as the percentage of the population in the age group less 15 Year (43%) Year 2007. while The proportion of the population of Age group15-64Which represents the proportion of the working age population amounted (56%,57% ) For years ( 1997,2000 ) Respectively. The The growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP) during the study period( 1987- 2007 )Amount About 9.7% , While the growth rate of the population in Iraq for the period ( 1987 - 1997 ) About 2.7% , Then recorded a relatively large increase for the period (1997 - 2007 )To score ( 3.1%) Almost. Between standard variable analysis (X2) (Category producer) moral, in other whord the, increase in productive class (23.57% ( Leads to increased GDP by $ ( 1% ).