Surgical correction of some digestive system affection in ruminant


Diagnosis and treatment of digestive system affection in ruminant that brought to surgical department of veterinary teaching hospital of Mosul University from 1/7/2011 to 1/2/2012 were made.Clinical examination, diagnosis and treatment for (53) affection were made. The affection were traumatic reticule peritonitis (17) cases in ratio (32.075%), indigestion due to non-penetrated foreign body (12) cases in ratio (22.64%), ruminal fistula (6) cases in ratio (11.32%), self-suckling (4) cases in ratio (7.54%), check muscle paralysis (3) cases in ratio (5.66%), atresia ani , atresia ani etrecti and rectal prolapse (2) cases in ratio (3.77%) for each on, finally atresia recti,left side abomasum displacement, omasal impaction, chronic ruminal tympany, , lacerated cheek wound (1) cases in ratio (1.88%) for each one.14 animals were treated are inspected after surgical operation to study the efficiency of treatment were used. (85.714%) of these cases were responded to surgical correction.We reach concluded that digestive affection is sperated in large ruminant specially the females.