Expression of Ki67 and p53 as proliferation and apoptosis markers in adenoid cystic carcinoma


Background: Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) constitutes about 4% of salivary epithelial tumors and is the secondcommon malignant epithelial salivary gland tumor involving both the major and minor salivary glands. Aims of thestudy is to evaluate immunohistochemical expression of Ki67 and p53 proteins in ACC.Materials and Methods: immunohistochemical analyses of fifteen cases of formalin – fixed paraffin – embeddedtissues blocks of ACC of salivary glands using ki67 and p53 antibodies.Results: ki67 was expressed in 6 of 15 ACC (40%) while p53 aberration was demonstrated in 11 of tumor (73.3%). Therewas a statistically significant difference between the expression of ki67 and p53 proteins in ACC cases (p value =0.041). Pearson’s correlation test demonstrated a significant positive correlation between the numbers ofpercentage of ki67 and p53 positive cells in ACC cases (r = 0.042).Conclusions: This study suggests that ki67 positive actively proliferating cells and p53 aberrations may play a role inACC development and progression