Nutritional status in relation to oral health status among patients attending dental hospital


Background: Good Nutrition is essential for oral and dental health in children. Good eating habits and foodpreferences are established early in childhood. Oral health problems can effect dietary quality and nutrient intake inanother side increase the risk of several systemic diseases., The aim of the present study was to investigate therelation or the effect the of nutritional status in children at age of 5 to16 on the oral health status and dental caries .Materials and Methods: the total sample composed of 153 patients attending the Pedodontic and PreventiveDepartment/College of Dentistry/University of Baghdad, the assessment of nutritional status was performed by usingBody Mass Index specific for age and gender according to Chronic Disease and Prevention Center (CDC) growthchart (2000). Ramfjord index teeth were applied to assess oral cleanliness and gingival condition, Dental plaque andGingival health condition was assessed by using plaque index of Silness and Loe(1964),and gingival index of Loe andSilness( 1963), Calculus index assessment was according to Ramfjord criteria (1959). Dental caries measurement wasaccording to World Health Organization criteria (1997).Results: this study showed no significance in the nutritional status (BMI) of children at 5-16 years of age and plaqueindex, gingival index, and calculus index, as well as the correlation of significant differences was not found betweenthe nutritional status (BMI) and caries experience.Conclusion: this study reflected that the oral hygiene, gingival health and dental caries were not affected bynutritional status of children at age of 5-16years.