Teacher preparation and in accordance with the sustainable professional development


Given the vast amount of changes in the modern history since the mid-fifties of the twentieth century has shown firing Russians of the satellite (Sputnik) and to the present time, emerged many concepts and large in various fields of life, especially in the field of space science research and genetic engineering and digital communications modern and others, and became the race in the field of knowledge and scientific research and progress in all areas of life feature of the current era. This did not happen without education, and evidence for that is paid with the Americans to change their educational plans and is fully operational since mid-fifties of the twentieth century when they felt that their educational system is lagging behind and no longer meets ambition. Was a top priority attention to the teacher and give it the prestige it deserves as a maker generations and breeders creativity. ,Which encouraged a lot of attention to the teacher states and the need to set up and configured in accordance with the requirements of education on the one hand and the development of performance and raising educational Competencies to meet the challenges of the modern era and the changes taking place in communities on the other hand. This prompted researcher to discuss the topic of teacher preparation and in accordance with the sustainable professional development, in order to keep pace with the developments and modern styles and strategies in teaching and the ability to deal with the developments in the era of scientific progress and technological development in the field of education. The researcher touching that there are Arab orientations toward that goal, but did not rise to the level of ambition, this should be concerted efforts and intensify research on such topics in order to reach the teacher to exercise its leadership role in education