Histological study of upper lip in male and female of local black goat


The research includes study of histological structure of skin components in upper lip of clinically healthy local black goat with 1-2 years age at one season in mosul region . the results show presence of difference in total thickness of epidermis in both sexes . the highest thickness noticed at vermilion border reach to 330 µm , then followed by the thickness of mucous membrane , while the epidermis of nasolabial plate was the least in thickness in both sexes .The results of the study were showed presence of two types of hair follicles ; simple and tactile in nasolabial plate of both sexes of local black goat , but the tactile hair follicles were the most developed , larger in size and less in number when compared to simple hair follicles. The study reveals presence of different sizes of sebaceous glands which were larger in female than in male . the sweat glands were of apocrine type and have different extentions through the dermis .Both types of glands appeared in nasolabial plate and third type of glands appeared in submucosa of this plate and in mucous membrane which are of serous and mucous secretory units with complete duct system opened within the mouth in both sexes.