Numerical Analysis of Non-Prismatic Beam on Elastic Foundation under Generalized Loadings


The main aim of this paper is to investigate the linear elastic behavior of non-prismatic beam on Winkler foundation. The finite differences method was used to solve the governing differential equations for different configurations of non-prismatic cross-section and loading cases with different end supports. The results from these different cases are plotted together and check the accuracy of the solutions, which referred to the good efficiency of this analysis. The results indicated that present non-prismatic beam decreasing in deflection for longitudinal direction (width of beam b) and transverse direction (depth of beam h) about (80.67-81.81%)and(75.99-81.81% ) , respectively for different cases of loading. The results indicated that the value of Bending Moment is increasing for different cases of loading for non-prismatic beam compared with prismatic beam about (68.53-96.5%), while decreasing in Shear force due to point load at mid span about (51.64%).