Experimental Investigation of Two-Phase GAS-Liquid Slug Flow Inclined Pipe


The experimental results of flow pattern and pressure drop of gas–liquid flow in inclined pipe are presented. The diameter of test section is 50 mm, and overall length of 4 m. The inclination angle of the test section is 30o. Air and water are used as working fluids. The gas superficial velocity and liquid superficial velocity are varied in a range of (1.358142-5.432568) m/s and (0.169764-1.527884) m/s, respectively. The pressure drop along the test section of the pipe is also measured. The characterization of flow patterns is achieved via visual observations and by analysis of local pressure measurements. The observed flow patterns are presented in terms of flow pattern maps for pipe inclination. The slug two-phase flow patterns are observed in the experiments. A video camera recording and pressure transducer sensor with interface are used to study flow regimes and pressure drop through test section. The following flow regimes, depending on the superficial liquid and gas velocities are observed. The flow regime and pressure fluctuating across pipe depending on superficial liquid and gas velocities. It noted that the pressure decreases with distance along pipe when gas superficial velocity increased and also increased liquid superficial velocity.