Effect of Polluted Water on Chromosomes of Rats


There are several materials which have negative effect on the genetic material. Scientific studies in many well-known universities all over the world confirm that water pollutants are one of the materials which have great impact on the DNA. This study aimed to clarify the effect of environmental pollution on some genetic processes of Rat. The study include three groups, the first one is the control group which treated with tap water, the second group treated with cyclophosphomide in single acute dose (20 mg/kg) , and the last one treated with industrial waste water collected from Hilla fabric factory. Chromosomal aberrations were used as an index to evaluate the relationship between the genetic processes and water pollution. The results clearly shows the significance increase in both structural and numerical chromosomes, there is a significance increase in Chromosome break,aneuploidy, Analytical chromosome,chromosome breakage, and Ring chromosome. The industrial water pollutant show a high increase in the acceptable limits set by WHO. This increase has a great effect on chromosome aberrations both structural and numerical. The predominant types of aberrations by exposure to industrial pollution were centromeric attenuation, break and ring, gap and end to end association