Social Capital and its Place in Activation of Developmental Role of Islamic Banks


The concept of social capital is considered as one of the most important and dangerous concepts in the life of human societies. It is one of the basic concepts of civilization in terms of scientific importance, a methodology in terms of the way of thinking and one of the central concepts in terms of impact, so its outcomes are also serious in terms of the nature of the results achieved of the flow of its developmental and achievements.The social capital has occupied its important position in the era of globalization, as result of the failure of development and efforts in the second half of last century , and its failure in bringing justice, to confirm its values as scientific effort to overcome economic worse of civilization development, growth and the unequal distribution of wealth. In addition, the capital fact emphasized on its ability to achieve creative interdependence between man (human) and religion and between state market and civil society institution because it represents a partnership relationship between the sons of this nation and the content of this relationship is a network of national organizations and institutions, that emphasizes on the motions and the consequences of the existence of this relation, such as scientific, ethical and cognitions aspects.The importance of social capital lies in entering the social dimension in the creation of three ways from liberalism and socialism. Its the Islamic way in completing the economic and social development. As well as its importance lies in coherence between networks and strengthen its presence its road to peace and social balance and one of the forces that root, and the different kinds of competition. This research is based on 3 fundamental axes which are:1.Cognitive dimension: which deals with the nature of Islamic concepts and method of composition as they presented in Holy Quran.2. Scientific dimension: which deals with essential contents for the social capitals as presented in Holy Quran.3. Economic social dimension: which deals with study of development role of economy and society for Islamic Bank as they present their ability to get benefit from the social capital.