The Effect of The Development of Foreign Trade in the Economic Growth of The South and East Asian Countries for the period 1990 - 2011


The foreign trade is considered the base engine of economic growth. It contributes in the exports and imports of capital and intermediate goods effectively in the economic activity and highlights the importance of these goods as the base engine for economic growth, as well as for their positive impact in the production process in the domestic market. It is however characterized by the Southern and Eastern Asia openness towards the outside world. Those countries positively affect the investment and capital accumulation due to the imports of capital goods, which consequently contribute directly and indirectly to the economic growth. The importance of research sought the foreign trade with a clear impact of the economic growth in GDP, the objective of this research is almost to identify the role and status of foreign trade in the economic growth of the South and East Asian countries for the period 1990 - 2011 using the method quantitative to see the size and position of this role. It is hypothesized that the foreign trade positive impact is evident in the economic growth of these countries. In order to reach the goal of research and test the hypothesis, a descriptive analysis was relied and quantitative knowledge and the role of information tabulating according to official sources, both published by the World Bank and IMF and statistical tables issued by the countries of the south and east Asia.