Poetic and Narrative Borderline of Limitation and Mergence


The research paper endeavours to answer the question: Does the literary text have speeches concerned with prosody and other speeches with narratology? So it is to trace the definition of poetry, intonation, rhyme, imagination, the opinions and the various notes of the old Arab poetry critics. The Arab domain of criticism has prolific viewpoints of scientific touches. The present paper takes seizure of the efforts of the contemporary in such a trend. The paper concludes that the literary text is a unique world and averts being divided and there is no evidence certifying such a division or leading it into legitimacy; "it is not for the distant evaluation between prose and poetry convenient in light of a precise philosophical viewpoint". It is only for sheer textual necessities, it means the lesson and classification, the more a text appears as two words, the more it comes to merge, then its function becomes of two targets, once one endeavours to separate them, a text tends not to be called as so.


Poetic, Narrative