A simple Flow Injection-Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper(II) using 4-(6-bromo-2-benzothiazolylazo) Pyrogallol as chromogenic agent


A simple and facial flow injection method coupled with spectrophotometer detection was developed to determination of copper(II). The FIA system based on the reaction of Copper (II) with 4-(6-bromo-2-benzothiazolylazo) pyrogallol (4-Br-BTAP) at pH 5.8 with an absorption maximum at 570 nm. The optimum FIA variables were investigated. The proposed method has a linear calibration range 0.01-7.0 μg.mL-1 of copper(II) with the regression whereas the observed detection limit was 0.008 μg.mL-1 and the percentage of recovery of 103.64%. The proposed method was shown good precision with relative standard deviations was 0.96%. The sampling frequency was 120 determinations per hour. The method has been applied to the determination of copper in filling and metallic wire.