Experimental Investigation Of Three Various Sources Of Diesel Fuel On The Engine Performance


The experiment including three sources of diesel fuel widely used in Iraq after 2003, one local diesel fuel produced from AL-Daura Refinery named Daura diesel fuel and two import diesel fuels one from Turkey named Turkish diesel fuel and the other from Iran named Iranian diesel fuel. Engine run at fixed speed 2500 rpm (revolution per minute) with five levels of loads (torques) 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 N/m (Newton/ Meter). The experiment was executed according to a split plots design under Randomized Complete Design (R.C.D) with three replications. Least significant differences (L.S.D) were used to compare means of treatments at 0.05 levels. Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC), Indicated Power (IP), Exhaust Gas Temperature and Fuel Power (Pƒ) were studied in this research. Results indicate that at torque 2 Nm different fuels have no significant effect on BSFC and Pƒ, while in the other torques Turkish diesel fuel gives lower BSFC and higher IP followed by Daura diesel fuel .Iranian diesel fuel gives higher Pƒ, exhaust gas temperature and BSFC for all torques. Thus can be seen that the sources of diesel fuel has a clear impact on the performance of diesel engines.