The effect of acid spray Aljprlin and add nitrogen fertilizer on two of the seeds . Alaska potatoes class


The experiment was conducted in the field of Plant ProductionDepartment at Technical Institute in Mosul for the years 2010 and 2011 at theseason-spring to study the effect of spraying gibberellic acid GA3 at differentconcentrations ( 0, 25, 50, 100) ppm and two levels of fertilizer nitrogen (20 and40) kg / acre and two kinds of potatoes (full and cut in two halves) var. AlaskaThe results showed that spraying growth regulator GA3 concentration of100 ppm led to a significant increase in the character of plant height and numberof branches and number of tubers / plant and average weight of the tuber andyield per plant and total yield / donum and add fertilizer nitrogen rate higher ledto a response studied, and the impact of the quality of potatoes has been shownthat treatment of tubers fragmented significantly outperformed the full treatmentof tubers per traits under study.Interaction the overlap between growth regulator GA3 and nitrogen fertilizerand the quality of cultivated potatoes that sprayed growth regulator GA3concentration of 100 ppm and a high level of nitrogen fertilizer 40 kg andcutting tubers significantly highest yield 6.954 tons /donum as compared withlowest yield 5.275 tons / donum per unit area .