Electronic Government Implementation Requirements in Iraqi Organizations : Exploratory Study For Managerial Leadership Views in The Municipality Directorate of Mosul


The electronic government is regared the environment that attend the citizen's services, by using information and communication technology in the government departments, to exchange the information with citizens faster and more efficient, as well as to improve government response to citizen's needs, and eliminate merger among government departments, then the field visits to some of organizations discover that is a difference in providence of electronic government (E.G) implementation requirements , to be or become necessary personalization and discussing, then we can put the research problem in this question (what is the difference in electronic government implementation requirements in the municipality directorate of Mosul and To answer this question, we examined the key hypothesis: (the electronic government implementation requirements is different in the municipality directorate of Mosul, then we distribute) 40) questionnaire to the research sample to collect the data, and then analyze it using the suitable statistical tools, and the research attain some suggestions to the studied organizations