High performance lightweight concrete reinforced with glass fibers


This paper demonstrates the effect of glass fibers on mechanical properties of highperformance lightweight concrete which are: compressive strength, flexural strength,workability (flow), and density. Foam agent was used to produce lightweight concreteusing different mix proportion to obtain good workability and compressive strengthwith least fresh density. Superplasticizer used in some mixes about 1% by weight ofcement. Glass fibers were added in different volume fraction 0.06, 0.2, 0.4, and 0.6%for foam concrete and foam concrete with superplasticizer. The results of foamedconcrete mixes indicate that the increase of glass fibers content can produce highperformance lightweight concrete and improve the mechanical properties of suchconcrete. The compressive and flexural strength increased with the increase of glassfibers with acceptable range of workability, addition 0.6% of glass fibers increase33.7% and 16.1% of compressive and flexural strength respectively but the flowreduced about 38% compare without glass fibers.