Arabic stego_system based on Arabic Language structure and pronunciation


Arabic language is the one of many languages that uses Harakat (damma, kas-ra,fat-ha, sukoon, tanween) or short vowel marks for the correct pronunciation that byhis turn will affect the meaning of the word. In this language each word has deferentmeaning based on the Harakat that can change the pronunciation. Harakat can beused on a single alphabet of these languages. We can write without them but theonly the Professional people can interpret the correct meaning of the sentence. Thusin this paper we code each one of these Harakat and then we use the sequence ofthis Harakat to obtain the correct sequence of the secret message and developingthe mechanism that can select the word with the proper Harakat that’s gives propermeaning based on huge database and provides mechanism also for high retrievalbased on the requirement of the secret message.