Effects Of Biodiesel Fuel Upon The Exhaust Emission And The Performance Of Compression Ignition Engine


Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy since it is made of renewable sources such as corn and soybeans, thus reduces the dependence on oil and eliminates the monopoly of certain countries on oil. This research studied effects of three types of fuel, biodiesel from new oil, biodiesel from waste cooking oil and diesel fuel on engine performance and emissions. A diesel engine and a gas analyzer is used in this research. The effect of each fuel on the performance of the engine at different set of speeds at a fixed throttle setting (full throttle and medium throttle) is studied, with the recording of amounts of gas emissions from the exhaust, and compare the results obtained for these cases. Also obtained a set of fuel characteristics to help with the calculations for better understanding of fuels through various experimentations.The results showed that waste cooking oil performance is a mediate one between new oil biodiesel and diesel fuel. The emissions of waste cooking oil biodiesel are low with consideration to its efficient combustion. Biodiesel in general has a higher brake power and torque because it is clean burning and has a smoother running.Key words: Biodiesel fuel, diesel fuel, exhaust emission, diesel engine performance.