Design And Simulation Of Programmable Finite Impulse Response (PFIR) Digital Filter Using MATLAB And MAC Filter


In this paper, the fundamental and philosophy of FIR digital filter design with MATLAB program and multiply accumulate (MAC) Filter is present. The principle of low pass filters is concentrated here which will apply to other response type as well, and the degree of freedom available for finite impulse response (FIR) filter design is discussed in details. The importance of Equiripple and Least square design to implement the FIR filter in hardware is evaluated. The realistic aspects of FIR filter design and fixed point completion beside algorithms in the filter design toolbox and signal processing toolbox is illustrated. Different design algorithms and theory behind is wanted to contribute them. Result shows that the least square methods give less pass band ripple compare with the Equiripple methods but with Gibbs phenomena in the filter response. The implementation results with MAC filter from Xilinx shows an important reduction in multiplication process, consequently low power consumption.