Application Quality Assurance System And Its Effect On Learning Some of Volleyball Skills


The research aims to:•Applying Edexl system to ensure the quality of education in the practical lessons of volleyball•Detecting the effect of Edexl system for the quality of education in learning the skills of top spin serve, under hand pass and over hand passThe research consisted of students of the first and second year in the College of Physical Education at the University of Mosul for the year 2011-2012. The sample of the research was selected randomly by lot, which represented by two classes ( D & E). The class (D) was the experimental group which consist of (27) students, whereas the class (E) was the control group with (26) students. After the exclusion of a number of students, they became 15 students for each group. The researcher used the perfect experimental design called (Equivalent Group Design Of Post Test With Vigorous Control ). It has set a number of variables that affect on the independent variable, as well as the set of the experimental design. The experimental group applied the quality assurance system which depends on Edexl system, this variable blocked on the control group . The applied of quality assurance depends on three mechanisms (commissioning duties, short tests and projects)The researcher concluded the following:- Both groups achieved varying levels in learning the skills of volleyball (top spin serve, under hand pass and over hand pass)- The use of educational quality assurance system achieves a better educated for the skills of top spin serve, under hand pass and over hand pass.- The researcher recommended to use Edexl system to learn the skills of volleyball