Effect of a Training program by Using Self –Regulation strategies of Mood for Handball players


Research aims to :- Constructing a training psychological program to regulate and manage the mood of the handball players according to various scientific strategies .- Defining the effect of the training program by using various strategies of self-regulation mood in modulating mood The researchers used the experimental method for its suitability to the nature of the research, and the research community included (20) players between the ages of (18 - 20) years, whom they were used to apply (a measure of mood and pilot study, and reliability) they selected in comprehensive restriction manner. The research tool included (Brunel) scale prepared by (Peter Terry et al, 2003)which is one of the foreign and international standards of foreign and international tool for collecting data. The statistical tools were limited to the following scales as a tool of , standard deviation ,of skwenss coefficient , simple correlation coefficient , percentage and anova one way analysis . The researchers reached the following conclusions:- The effectiveness of the psychological training program , prepared by the researcher was verey effective in adjusting negative mood to positive mood - The psychological training program effects on decreasing the degrees of the negative scale axes and increasing the degree of the positive mood axis for the experimental group - The psychological training program effects on self-regulation of mood for young players via applying various strategies of the training program