Isolation of Multi Antibiotics Resistance Escherichia coli from urinary tract infection and the Detection of PapC and fimH virulence genes by Polymerase chain reaction Technique


One hundred fifty urine samples were collected from urinary tract infections. patient ages is ranging with two days to 73 years, 92 females , 47 males and 11 cases of children for both sex. A total of 65 isolates of E. coli. Drug sensitivity of all E. coli isolates was evaluated using a disc diffusion method. Most E. coli strains showed variable resistance to different antibiotic ,showed high degree of sensitivity towored Nitrofurantoin Ciprofloxacin, Pifloxacin, and Norfloxacin showed the isolates Approximately 100% resistance to Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and Cloxacillin in all tested isolates. And local isolate showed multidrug resistance range from (28% - 100% ). The expression of adhesion factor type P fimbriae (CAFl, CAFΠ, CAFШ) was determined as followed (89%, 54% , 55%) respectively .As well as adherence of E. coli isolates to uroepithelial cells is showed 100% in the local isolates . A total of 28 UPEC strains were selected for genotypic characterization of virulence factor gene ( fimH and papC) by using PCR to detect the relation between phenotype determine with present gene in all of these isolate . The results indicated that the occurrence of fimH was detected in (71%) of isolates ,while pap C was detected in (79%) of isolates .These results demonstrated the variable phenotypic expression when compared to genotypic detection .