The relation-ship between some liver functions and blood parameter in the some coronary heart diseases


The study was carried out on thirty women and males patients with coronary heart diseases at age (35-70) year old , in the Al-Sader medical city / Al Najaf . the present study was involved blood parameter such as ( Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate ) and hemoglobin beside the biochemical analysis was done such as cholesterol and triglycerides measurement, also the liver enzymes (GPT and GOT ) level was estimated. Our result was revealed , the increasing in (E.S.R) of males patients (33.3% when compared with (E.S.R) in females which decline into (23.3%),while percent of the (Hb) decrease in female patients more than in the males patients ,were (36.3% , 33.3%) at respectively . the biochemical analysis was appeared elevation of the triglycerides percent in woman patients with cardiac diseases when compared with men patients , the percent was (43.4% , 36.6%) at respectively . from other hand the percentage of cholesterol in some patients men with cardiac disease was (10%) ,while the cholesterol percent in some women patient not significant differences. The present study was noticed increasing in the liver enzymes (GPT) of patients women when compared with patient men were (20%. 13.3%) at respectively.the aim of study to determine relation _ship between some heart diseases and liver functions.