Clothing Consumption between Rationalization and Growling A field study at the University of Baghdad


This study aims to identify the culture of rationalization of consumption for the process of buying women's clothing to ensure that no accumulation in the treasury and to identify priorities, and to raise women's awareness of the importance of rationalization and the balance between material capabilities available and the wishes of the purchase. The study also tried to identify the factors influencing the selection processes of clothes and identify the most important variables that govern the process of purchase. The study relied on a sample with a volume of 100 field and teaching employee of the College of Education and the college of Science University of Baghdad. To test the objectives referred to are designed to identify under the terms of design resolution appropriate to do so. And after the application form and the analysis of the results study found a number of results of perhaps the most important that: more than half of the sample (55%) assert that the planning is importance before the purchase, and (57%) of respondents always put a special budget for the clothes you need to buy before you buy. It also favors more than a half of respondents (52%) to buy clothes at the end of the seasons, which reduces the proportion of spending consciousness.The study also concluded several recommendations and suggestions on the level of the university and the community and the family associated with these recommendations the general findings of the study.