Congregational Mosques Classification Using Pattern Recognition Method


AbstractCongregational Mosques Classification is an important issue for Islamic Architecture studies which introduced many different classifications.Thispaperaims to introduce a new classification of the congregational mosques using the pattern recognition digital technique. The cases selected for the study covers most of the period and space of the Islamic for a more objective and accurate classification. Thepaper takes up an unsupervised texture image classification algorithm which uses a competitive neural network.The classification is done by assigning data to one of the fixed number of possible classes then classifying image segments into a given number of classes using segments features by usingKohonen competitive neural network and through a process of self-organization, configures the output units, representing the selected congregational mosques, into a spatial mapincluding the resulted classificationtypes.The conclusions support someknownstatements and contradict others within Islamic Architecture Theory, so certain modifications are needed according to the concluded statements after corroborating them in future studies.Keywords: Congregational Mosques Classification, Digital Techniques, Pattern Recognition.