Capacity Analysis and Simulation for Mobile WiMAX System in Distributed Subcarrier Permutation Modes in a Proposed Channel


AbstractIn this paper, capacity analysis for mobile WiMAX working in distributed subcarrier permutation modes is investigated mathematically depending on the physical layer simulation results. These simulation results of physical layerdispose exact values for the number of best burst profiles that candidate to carry Medium Access Control (MAC) payload in a proposed ITU-R mixed user channel. The complete simulation model for physical and MAC layers has been made using OPNET 14.5 to validate the analytical resultsof the obtained capacity. This approach for capacity analysis based on simulation results is proposed to overcome the lack of interests by other researches in the significant influence of the physical layer constraints on the MAC layer capacity calculations. As well as in this paper,a proposed ITU-R mixed user channelis performed to suit the high mobility users involved under distributed subcarrier permutation modes. Moreover, this paper focused on the exact overhead calculations by taking into account all the significant overhead parameters in the MAC layer frame structure that affects the overall system capacity.KeywordsIEEE802.16e-2005, OFDMA, PUSC, FUSC, QoS, proposed ITU-R mixed user channel model, PER.