Landscaped Estimation of the Ancient Mercuriferous Career Potentialities in the Algerian Northeast for Its Bio-Restoration


AbstractThe bio-restoration project of the mercurial career of Guenicha zone operating in the region of Azzaba must not only take into account the potential of the site but also its integration into the surrounding landscape. To achieve this result we performed a qualitative estimation of the potentialities of the site to understand better the structuring of the space and these various affectations. We took into account the current occupation of grounds to locate the precious elements, the curiosities susceptible to remain constant in the landscape and to highlight sectors or zones of an exceptional fragility which we call "sensitive sectors or zone" where any intervention can influence the visual atmosphere of the landscape. The zoning allowed us to reveal two landscaped bulks represented by the plain of Azzaba and the career of Guenicha. At first time we identified their components. To increase the visibility of the site, we shall create the dominances which characterize them and we arrange the transitions between them. In the last we will link the study area with the surrounding landscape by offering the most sensible choice of a pardon to restore the soil and also achieve the integration with the surrounding landscape.Keywords: Visual Field of View Points, Landscape unit, Azzaba, Algeria