Effect of oxytocin hormone after parturition on rate of retained placenta of dairy cows in south- west of Baghdad


Abstract: The aims of this research was showed the effect of oxytocin injection after parturition on rate of retained placenta in dairy cows. The research done in the biggest dairy cow station south - West of Baghdad which have cow with Friesian and Holstein cross breed. Divided these research cows in two group , first group had 120 unipara cows and second group 150 multipara cows, the resultes was show before used the oxytocin hormone 54% and 63.3% normal partertion for first and second groups of cows with dystocia 46% and 36.7% , retained placenta rate was 26% and 20.7% of both group. After used the hormon 50 I.U /i.m within 3 hours after parturition . the first group ( 111 ) unipara cows and 140 multipara cows, the normal parturition showed 56% and 64.5% with dystcoia 44% and 35.5% with retained planet rates 18% and 16.5% or both group.The result A now No significant (P<0.05) different in the value between groups.Key words :Dairy cow .Retained placenta .Hormonal therapy .Oxytocin.